BS 5837 Tree Surveys

Existing trees of good quality and condition, appropriately sited in relation to buildings, can be retained and integrated to enhance the quality and value of new developments


Trees and significant vegetation on, or immediately adjacent to, the site are a material consideration that the Local Planning Authority expect to have been considered during the development of the site layout proposal.


TRC provide tree surveys that conform to the best practice recommendations contained within British Standard 5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction - Recommendations, to audit the value of trees present. This assessment is used to determine the design layout, provide mitigation for design conflicts and to allow for the retention of high quality trees. Good technical knowledge and experience enables us to provide sound assessments, forming the basis of consistent, reliable and high quality advice.


TRC recommend that a BS 5837 survey and report is obtained at an early stage of the project design. This will help to both prevent delays in the planning application and ensure that the constraints posed by trees important to the site and its setting are incorporated properly within the design layout - minimising the risks of abortive design costs.


The provision of the sites Topographical Survey (which may be emailed to us in most digital formats) is used as the basis for our digital survey plans, illustrating the retention category of each tree - colour coded in compliance with BS 5837:2012, and featuring accurately drawn crown spreads and root protection areas.


Using CAD software, we can provide Tree Constraints Plans in line with BS 5837:2012 shortly after completing the site survey, if required, for use in design layout development.

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